After dozens of years of pushing a squeegee, burning & coating 1000's of screens, and imprinting artwork on the left chests & full backs of literally millions of garments, Rusty Rafool, (That's pronounced, Ray-full) decided once and for all it was time to seek higher ground and oversee the development of his own t-shirt company.

As a former business partner of two heavy-hitting southern based screen printing companies, Rusty added to the competitive world of imprinted sportwear with the introduction of Squeeze Productions. The newest T-shirt outfitter, located in Northern Georgia, began life in early 2005 by Rusty, along with his "yankee' protégé", the former Salem Sportswear super-sales guy, Paul Simon. But no, this Paul is not the singer, nor the politician. He is, However, vocally impressive at commanding orders and provides this new company with much of the go-getting, hyper-energetic sales.

But never to be overshadowed in terms of work ethics, Rusty's impressive resume and clientele list consumes more than a few pages. In just 10 short years of business, Rusty not only has outfitted his share of ball-teams, car shows, and family reunions but a few impressive names are among his regular customers. Squeeze Production products now adorn the shoulders of many fortune 500 companies, like Coca-Cola, Chevy, McDonalds, NHRA,NASCAR, IBM, Sprint, The Atlanta Falcons, etc. On the retail end, Rusty and Paul have served department store giants like: J.C. Penny, Goodys, Dollar General, and Coles .

Together, Rusty and Paul, have a accumulated fifty years of screen printing experience and Squeeze Production continues to grow daily. Garment output of nearly 100,000 units weekly are printed using state of the art M&R equipment, operated by the company's experienced 19 + employees. The 8,000 sq. ft. facility is scheduled to expand by an additional 5,000 sq.ft to accommodate the overflow of new contract printing.

Rusty Rafool & Paul Simon
Founders & CEOS